If You're Tired Of Being Labeled As Aggressive, Angry, or Intimidating... This Book Is For You!

This is EXACTLY why I wrote The B.I.T.C.H Protocol. I was sick and tired of feeling inadequate, out of place, or being pushed into a small corner because God forbid I'm too intimidating. Fu*k that noise!I've lost count of the times I've been called a bitch.
When I finally realized that others' opinions were causing me to shrink and dim my light, I decided to own the label and make it mine. That's how The B.I.T.C.H Protocol was born. It became my anthem to say "NO MORE." I am unique, worthy, and powerful! I will not silence myself for anyone ever again. If I'm going to be a BITCH, I'll be the best one there ever was. Because the truth is, they were right about me. I am:
Confident &
And that combination makes me unstoppable!
This is your invitation to stop giving AF about what others think and start owning your power. EVERY SINGLE BIT OF IT!
Get my workbook and get ready to reclaim your mojo!

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Meet The Author

Hello there, I'm Rosa Alejandra — a dreamer turned Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur, and Podcast Host.After experiencing a major setback and reinventing myself from the ground up, I sought tools to understand why and how life can change drastically without clear reasons. My journey led me to a deep understanding of the mind, culminating in a profound realization: we are not in control—at least not in the way we think. In my book, I explain this concept in detail and show you how to gain control and shift your reality for the better.My fascination with neuroscience drove me to pursue certifications in Neurolinguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, and Personality Assessment. These disciplines empower me to create transformative programs and workshops that help women rediscover their true selves and build the lives they deserve.If you struggle with feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt that hinder your dreams, my book and programs can be the catalyst for change. It’s time to silence your inner critic and embrace your greatness. Join my community to unlock your full potential, reignite your passion, and make bold moves in life and business.🥂 Here's to embracing greatness and abundance together,Rosa Alejandra

I look forward to meeting you and hopefully having the opportunity to be part of your grand journey. Till then, keep your eyes on the target and your soul unstoppable!

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